Rx Savings Spotlight: Walt Tegtmeier, Senior Content Development Manager

Walt Tegtmeier, Senior Content Development Manager

Every company needs a storyteller. Someone who captures the organization’s voice, and the people and mission that make it what it is. A resident wordsmith who asks the important questions and sheds light on what really matters.

For more than three years now, Walt Tegtmeier has been our storyteller.

And in that role, Walt would typically be the one authoring a blog post like this. However, in acknowledgement of a recent milestone birthday he celebrated, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands. We’ve stolen the keys to the blog and are shining the spotlight on Walt without his knowledge—he can edit this all later.

An avid fly fisher and outdoorsman, Walt brings a natural pragmatism to everything he does at Rx Savings Solutions. His colleagues use words like genuine, sincere, authentic and intentional when describing him.

We couldn’t agree more. Those are the attributes that come through in the content he develops to inform our members and clients of how we can help them. The pharmaceutical world we work in is complex—understatement of the year—and people look to Rx Savings Solutions for answers and guidance. Walt has cultivated a clear voice for our company that cuts through the clutter and simplifies the way we talk about prescription drug pricing.

What’s more, Walt has made it a personal mission to work with our Pharmacy Support team to find members with their own stories to tell. He has connected with countless people who have struggled with skyrocketing medication costs and then found a solution using our technology. He’s put a face on what we do and given a voice to members just trying to make sense of convoluted pharma pricing.

We can think of no better way to celebrate Walt than by taking a stroll down memory lane and looking at the important stories he’s told over the years. When asking around the company, there were five blog posts that came up time and time again as favorites. Some show Walt’s ability to bring clarity to chaos. Others paint a picture of the strong culture we’re proud to have built at Rx Savings Solutions.

No matter the topic—and he’s covered plenty—Walt’s work continues to embody the spirit of our mission to make prescription drugs more affordable. Here’s to you, Walt.

Walt’s Top 5

  1. Every Member Has a Story – and There’s Always More to it – It’s not just his prose that makes an impact. Walt’s interviewing skills and direction brought this member’s story to life on film.
  2. Even at a Distance, Everyone Comes Together to Help Our Members – A few of us admitted to getting a bit verklempt while reading about how our team has remained focused on our members during this pandemic.
  3. We're All Members Too, and the Dog Food Tastes Great – Five examples of how our technology has helped Rx Savings Solutions employees save money on their prescription drugs. We’re still eating our own dog food, and it still tastes great.
  4. Fighting for the One-in-Four – Tales of how our software can assist the one-in-four Americans who struggle to afford the medications they need.
  5. Seven Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs – One of Walt’s first posts and a great reminder of all the ways we’re helping members and clients save on their pharmacy spend.