Even at a Distance, Everyone Comes Together to Help Our Members

Few feelings can top knowing you just saved someone a ton of money on prescriptions. You never know what it means to that person, their family, their employer or health plan. Right now, whatever the amount, we know it’s more valuable than ever.

Behind every success story are 150 Rx Savings Solutions employees who contribute their talents and expertise toward the same goal. We may be working from 150 different home offices right now, but a quick visit to six of them illustrates how various individuals and their teams all come together to help members during this pandemic—and all the time.

Lesley on the Front Lines
Lesley is a certified pharmacy technician. She and everyone on the Pharmacy Support team helps members with anything from medication questions to scouring the system for every penny in potential prescription savings.

She says her job hasn’t changed much since the virus hit, yet she misses the camaraderie with her team. Many member conversations are different now, however.

“Some are calling because they can no longer afford their medications due to something COVID-19-related; some are actually sick with the disease,” she says. “It’s pretty rewarding to hear the relief in their voices when we find affordable options for them.”

Ibrahim Behind the Scenes
Ibrahim is a software engineer on the Member Portal team. They’re constantly working on ways to enhance the member experience online, to make seeing and capturing a savings opportunity happen that much faster and easier.

He says working from home has allowed for more time to plan and design new enhancements, but sharing the technical details with his teammates and other involved teams is more difficult when they’re not all in the same space.

Nevertheless, things get done: “Seeing projects turn into reality is awesome, especially when you know that a new feature you’ve worked on is now helping more members save money.”

Vivek and the Whiteboard
Vivek is also a software engineer, and he manages 11 other software engineers on the Data Ingestion team. Their primary charge: help a new client’s members start saving as soon as possible.

Doing so requires continual refinement of a series of complex data feeds. That’s tough to do without the whole team around a whiteboard every morning. Those sessions often extend into late nights and long weekends for Vivek’s team. Now they take place on a virtual whiteboard.

“I can wear sweatpants all day, eat freshly cooked food, spend more time with my family and still get all the work done. But I still miss seeing all the smiling faces in the office.”

Blake Covers the Bases
Blake and his fellow site reliability engineers on the Production Operations team support the cloud infrastructure and critical services required for the Member Portal. That means constantly monitoring six underlying technologies to ensure the portal runs as it should, and fix whatever problems arise.

He’s working with all the normal communication challenges of a remote workplace, plus the blessings and burdens of a 6-month-old baby at home: “Because I’m home and not at our office, I was here to see him crawl for the first time.”

Different Schedules, Same Dae
Dae is a client marketing manager on the Member Engagement team. Their job is to work with each health plan or employer client to make sure their members are aware of everything Rx Savings Solutions can do for them.

She says the COVID-19 crisis has made her clients’ schedules more crowded and unpredictable, requiring more flexibility in order to collaborate and help more of their members.

“Clients definitely realize the value we bring right now. It really comes down to marketing – finetuning the message and timing so we can reach the most people and make the biggest impact.”

Jerry Just Adjusts
Every time a member receives a Savings Notification or any helpful message from Rx Savings Solutions, Jerry and his Marketing Operations teammates pushed the right buttons. Easier said than done to deliver the right message to each of our 7 million-plus members.

“Much of our work prior to COVID-19 was around onboarding and engaging members,” he says. “We’ve become much more fluid and reactive in order to live in the now for the member’s needs.

“We’ve communicated several new ways we can help members with respect to COVID-19. The way we’ve been able to anticipate and respond in a time of need, not only as a marketing team but as an organization, has been very rewarding. We get to see the difference we’re making in people’s lives every day.”