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Until 2020, John had never paid more than $30 out of pocket for the HIV medications he needs to stay alive. Then his copay for one drug shot up to $897. That’s when we stepped in.

Like so many, Dusti was already spending too much on prescriptions, but then her out-of-pocket costs suddenly quadrupled. Days of panic and despair set in, until she received one of our Savings Notifications.

Sticker shock at the pharmacy counter is all-too-common, especially when people switch to a high-deductible health plan. When Curt’s out-of-pocket costs jumped from $65 to $1,407 per fill, he knew where to turn.


Laura was spending around $200 a month filling numerous prescriptions for her son’s medical needs—half of which came from one eye drop alone.




"I haven't been taking it on a regular basis, and I know it doesn't work as well because of the cost. I appreciate you drawing this to my attention."

- Karen | Member | Sonoco

"You guys helped me out so much and I'm so excited. I've been bragging about you here at the store. My other alternative was to stop taking them period. You're my hero."

- Mary | Member | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana


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