Powerful pharmacy transparency, scaled for medium-sized organizations.

Put the market-leading pharmacy solution to work for your members.

Turnkey programs provide comprehensive clinical suggestions, proactive member engagement and concierge support.

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What Members Need

Information they can trust, automation when they want it, and real help on demand.


Savings Insights

Today's savvy consumers expect to know what something costs. Give them a tool that shows lower-cost prescription options before they get to the pharmacy.


Proactive Awareness

Members are notified when and how to pay less for prescription drugs. Those who act on a savings suggestion save an average of $131.50 per fill (combined member/plan savings 2019).


Concierge Support

Typical 1-800 numbers lead to a confusing web of bots and recorded messages. Ours lead directly to pharmacy technicians who provide guidance on alternative therapies and assist with prescription switches.

A Complete Pharmacy Solution

Enterprise-level features drive maximum benefit.


Contact Prescriber

Automates the process of switching a member's prescription for savings opportunities.


Medicine Cabinet/Reminders

Organize all member prescriptions into one visual display and enables adherence tools.


Medication Reports

Generate complete lists of all member medications and savings suggestions prior to a doctor visit.


Turnkey Engagement Program

Maximize engagement and savings with proven, effective marketing campaigns.


Pharmacist Notes

Offer guidance on medications, possible interactions and other critical, clinical information.

How Much Can You Save?

Great question. To assess your plan's potential simply fill out this form to receive an estimated member/employer savings opportunity email.

Savings opportunity numbers are estimates only. The estimates are based on comparable group size savings potential and industries. There is no guarantee of any savings or savings opportunities.

Get Up and Running, Right Away

The sooner members engage, the faster everyone saves. Implementation can be as short as 60 days. All we need are claims and eligibility files. Whether from you or a trusted third party, tech lift is minimal.

We Do the Rest:

  • Design and development
  • Certification and testing
  • Generate Savings Alerts
  • Launch communications and savings notifications
  • Kick off member engagement campaigns

How can Rx Savings benefit your organization?

Get an in-depth look into how our MidMarket solution can drive engagement and provide valuable savings insight for your members.

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