Stop Overpaying for Your Prescriptions

Yes, there’s something you can do about high prescription costs.

Rx Savings Solutions partners with employers and insurance companies to help their members save money on prescription drugs.

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Five Ways We Help Our Members

  1. Show All the Options
    Our online account displays any and all options members have to find lower-cost prescriptions.
  2. Automatic Savings Alerts
    Proactive notifications (text, phone, email or letter) tell members when they can save money on a prescription they're taking. No effort required.
  3. Take Care of the Details
    When a member is ready to change to a lower-cost prescription, we handle it all with their doctor and pharmacy.
  4. Expert Support
    Our Pharmacy Support team is made up of certified pharmacy technicians ready to assist members.
  5. Medication Reminders
    Members can access their account to set reminders that can help them stay organized and on schedule with their medications.

How We Helped John

Until 2020, John had never paid more than $30 out of pocket for the HIV medications he needs to stay alive. Then his copay for one drug shot up to $897. That’s when we stepped in.


Simple Home Delivery

We've always been a trusted source for finding lower-cost prescription options. Now members can log in to their account and easily switch their current medications to an in-network home delivery service with just a few clicks. Free shipping. No new trips to the doctor. It's as easy as that.

More About Rx Home Delivery

How You Can Save

We find all the medication options for your condition. You decide what’s best for your health and budget.

  • Same Drug, Different Form

    Believe it or not, a capsule might cost more than a tablet or liquid format—or vice versa. You never know... but now you will.

  • Different Drug, Same Treatment

    There is usually more than one medication available to treat a medical condition. We'll show you all of them, along with their costs.

  • Same Ingredients, Different Pills

    If a drug has two active ingredients, the price can skyrocket! Take the active ingredients separately at the same time for the same treatment at a lower cost.

  • Same Active Ingredient, Lower Price

    If a generic is available, we'll find it. If there is more than one option, you'll know exactly what each one costs.

  • Same Drug, Split the Pill

    Many medications are priced the same or similarly regardless of strength. Split a larger tablet in half to get two doses at half the price.

  • Same Drug, Different Pharmacy

    Sometimes it's as simple as using a different pharmacy that may sell your current medication for much less.