Member Engagement

Turning opportunity into action

Essential to success. Easy to follow.

Turnkey programs reach the right members, with the right message, via the right channels.


Tap into the Cycle

Because pharmacy is the most frequent need, Rx Savings Solutions gives members a compelling reason to interact with and through your plan – again and again.

A Valuable Message

If they had the opportunity, most people would hang on to $25, $50, $500 or more if they could. We inform members of that opportunity.

1 in 3 engaged members switch to a lower-cost option

The Active Ingredients

All communications are generated in the member’s best interests, delivered proactively and precisely at the right time. 



Messages are crafted according to a person’s unique medication profile and savings, and delivered securely through their preferred channels.



No one knows the member’s pharmacy benefit better than our solution. Data guides how and what we communicate, all based on claims, plan design, formulary and accumulators.

Timely & Targeted

It’s always a good time to save money. Some times are more important for certain members, or too good for them to neglect. That’s when we escalate our efforts.

According to plan

The member experience begins at first impression and follows a proven cycle for lasting engagement. In-house teams create and manage the entire program, supporting you all the way.

  • Initiate email launch campaign
  • Integration with existing benefits communications
  • Support internal and external marketing
6 weeks after launch, 15% of your total population has activated their account
Average for employer groups
  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Direct mail
  • Push notifications
$126 average total savings per fill for every behavior change
  • Open enrollment support
  • Quarterly campaigns
  • Adherence reminders
  • Targeted incentives
  • Rolling welcome campaigns
46% of all members with pharmacy claims engaged with the service

Success Stories

No matter the size of your plan or when you go live, learn how we plant the seeds for engagement so you can watch them grow.

“Rarely does a solution deliver exactly what a vendor promises. In the case of Rx Savings Solutions, our members are engaged because they’ve discovered how easily they can lower their out-of-pocket prescription costs. Every time they save money, it’s a win for the company, too.” 

— Director of North American Benefits & Wellness, Fortune 500 company