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How We're Different

Exclusive Software:

We were the first and only company to think about prescription drug costs differently. We did this by inventing a patented software system to lower costs.

This software performs an in-depth clinical analysis on every single prescription claim. No other tool offers this functionality! Behind the scenes, the software is constantly reviewing claims for savings opportunities. These options go beyond traditional price-shopping methods. In fact, over 80% of our delivered savings comes from clinical recommendations.

Industry Leading Experience:

We have the expertise to ensure your members have the most successful pharmacy benefit experience. When you’re founded by a pharmacist, you have an insider’s perspective on how things work.

We’re staffed with certified pharmacy technicians. We understand retail and mail order pharmacy. We successfully integrate with PBMs. We know health care law. We’re experienced in all of it. And we put this experience to work for you.

“The combination of their clinical and claims expertise is the right blend. They know the health plan world well, but more importantly, they know prescription benefits and how to help our members make the best choices for their lives and their budgets.”

Danette Wilson
President and CEO
Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City

How We Integrate

Health plan white-labels Rx Savings Solutions’ user interface and connects via a Single Sign-On (SSO) connection from their own web portal.

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