It's a Win-Win

Proven cost savings and a measurable ROI.

Make the Easy Choice

Rx Savings Solutions platform is proven to save money. All of our clients have proven engagement, proven ROI, and proven savings. Our solution works because we allow members to make the easy, smart choice. Once they realize how simple and convenient the experience is, their behavior changes, resulting in healthier and happier members.

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Realize the Benefits

Educated and Engaged Members

We work directly with the consumers of your prescription dollars—your employees and their covered dependents. We educate your employees with a personalized action plan to save themselves (and you) money. Through the use of email and SMS messaging, we engage your employees to take charge of their health care.

Cost Savings

Prescription drugs are like commodities, yet their prices can fluctuate from one location to the next—sometimes by 1,000% or more. Our system provides you the tools and ability to pay the lowest market rates available. On average, employers are overspending by 22%.

Customized Solution

Our system is capable of delivering our solution across the nation and adapts automatically to fit your employees’ needs. Our customized AdjudiliteTM process accurately determines a member's responsibility for prescription via rate discernment and adjudication.