Our Executive Team

Michael Rea, Founder & CEO

Michael Rea, PharmD

Founder & CEO

Mike founded Rx Savings Solutions in 2008 after watching the prescription drug system fail his pharmacy patients on a daily basis. He knew the system could be mined for better outcomes, and that technology could help him reach the most payers and consumers with a solution. The goal: arm them with information and bring market efficiency and transparency to the world of pharmacy. Mike calls persistence his key trait. He needed every ounce of it to evangelize the solution early on, sometimes even to convince people of the problem. Now his persistency is focused on growing the business and helping even more people afford the medications they need.

Drew Komenda, President

Drew Komenda


Drew is a high-performing veteran of the healthcare industry with entrepreneurial instincts. After 10 years in sales leadership and training roles within Johnson & Johnson, he joined Michael Rea at Rx Savings Solutions, bringing his passionate, fearless and competitive energy to the fledgling enterprise. Once a sales force of one, Drew now oversees the commercial side of our business and is responsible for meeting aggressive client growth and revenue goals. More than anything, he wants to put our solution into the hands of every health plan member in the country. His optimism and leadership might just make it happen.

Brandy Rea, Chief Legal Counsel

Brandy Rea

Chief Legal Counsel

Brandy brings a wealth of experience in corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions, contractual arrangements, and corporate governance and management. Before joining Rx Savings Solutions, she represented pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers and other healthcare clients. She quickly developed a knack for navigating complex healthcare laws and contract negotiations, both of which are mainstays in her current practice. Positivity is another. For Brandy, it’s all about building strong business relationships from the start. She knows it takes great partners to change this industry and improve lives.

Shahzad Zafar, Senior Vice President of Engineering

Shahzad Zafar

Chief Technology Officer

A career healthcare technology leader, Shahzad joined Rx Savings Solutions after 13 years with Cerner, where he led the Cloud Platform development business unit and served as an agile coach. His keen understanding of agile principles and team dynamics helps our engineers thrive in a build-ship-learn environment with nimble, self-organized teams. You might say he enjoys helping others grow professionally and personally, but that would sell Shahzad short. He’s passionate about helping people succeed, especially when it comes to healthcare outcomes. He definitely picked the right team.

Frank Bednar, Chief Financial Officer

Frank Bednar

Chief Financial Officer

Frank brings more than three decades of finance and management experience to Rx Savings Solutions. He joined the company after serving as the finance leader for a number of operating units at Quest Diagnostics. He started his career with KPMG and has held CFO positions at Balance Innovations and Innovision. An accomplished number-cruncher and negotiator, he attributes those skills to growing up as a middle child with nine siblings. Not surprisingly, Frank believes fiscal, physical and mental health are closely related. No wonder he was so drawn to the Rx Savings mission and works hard to deliver financial peace of mind to all of us—especially our members.

Randy Cox, Chief Operating Officer

Randy Cox

Chief Operating Officer

Randy joined Rx Savings Solutions with an executive track record in both emerging and large-scale product and service enterprises. He has designed, launched and managed several large-scale businesses while at Fortune 500-level companies. If there’s one key to his 25 years of success across diverse industries, products and services, he’ll say it’s an unwavering focus on the consumer. His teams will tell you he’s an inspiring leader who’s sincere, supportive and never quite satisfied. To Randy, there is always a better way to solve problems, and always more we can do for our members and clients.

Katie Allen, Senior Vice President of Marketing

Katie Allen

Chief Marketing Officer

Katie joined Rx Savings Solutions after leading the global revenue marketing team for Lexmark Healthcare. She spent the previous 10 years in marketing management roles at Elekta. As a career healthcare marketer, she’s witnessed technology’s power to enhance not only healthcare delivery but also awareness and consumerism. All of which comes in handy as she oversees our marketing, member engagement and brand management efforts. Customer journeys and pipeline growth are important, but for Katie there’s nothing better than hearing a member’s joy at learning they have money-saving options they didn’t know existed. Especially when we can share their reaction with others.

Daron Sinkler, Vice President of Sales

Daron Sinkler

Vice President of Sales

Daron brings a distinguished track record in healthcare technology sales to Rx Savings Solutions. He spent more than a decade at Cerner and then Lexmark Enterprise Software, rising from account exec to vice president of healthcare. As a junior sales rep or a senior sales leader, Daron has always followed the same approach: Listen to the prospect’s needs and help them buy the right solution at the right time. That means building his teams with the talent and dedication to do the right thing first. He’s devoted nearly his entire career to healthcare for the chance to make the biggest impact in the most important sector. The opportunity to advance the mission of Rx Savings Solutions was an easy sell.

Lindsay Vondall

Vice President of Client Success

Lindsay joined the team after 15 years in a variety of leadership roles at Target Corporation. Most recently, she led components of the healthcare strategy for the company’s 350,000+ employees, including pharmacy and the implementation of Rx Savings Solutions. She previously helped create a culture of health and well-being innovation across the enterprise in partnership with Gallup. She now leads our Client Success team that’s responsible for ensuring successful rollout, member engagement and savings performance according to the unique needs of each client. Lindsay is a graduate of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and holds a master’s degree from Augsburg College.

Jeff Green, PharmD, Vice President of Pharmacy

Jeff Green, PharmD

Vice President of Pharmacy

Jeff brings 20-plus years of pharmacy experience to the company, our members and clients. His path to Rx Savings Solutions began at a small, independent pharmacy near his alma mater, the University of Kansas. From there, he went on to manage high-volume Walgreens locations in the Kansas City market before switching gears to managed care, leading strategic pharmacy initiatives for Coventry and Aetna. Jeff’s fascination with the data and analytics side of pharmacy is exceeded only by a passion for patient case management. This member-centric approach drives every facet of his work. An avid music fan, he firmly believes that “The Times They Are a-Changin’” in pharmacy and the nation’s healthcare system.

Rich Gaul, Vice President of Business Operations

Rich Gaul

Vice President of Business Operations

Rich brings our company a wealth of experience in professional services and project management. In his role at Rx Savings Solutions, he’s focused on leading implementation initiatives and utilizing his solutions-oriented mindset to address the needs of our organization and our clients. Rich’s fierce passion for driving customer success is captured in this sentiment: “We don’t win unless our clients win, and our clients don’t win unless our members win.” A proven leader and collaborator, Rich enjoys working with a team that challenges each other to achieve results greater than the sum of its parts.