Who Are We, Anyway?

Rx Savings Solutions is equal parts software, member engagement strategy and concierge-level member support. We simplify the pharmacy benefit and make prescription drugs more affordable for employers, health plans and their members.

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Different ways we save people money: Switching to a generic; a dosage or form change; a different pharmacy; alternative medications; a 90-day supply

Medicine or Rent—What Kind of Question is That?

When a patient asked her pharmacist which of her eight prescriptions she could skip that month, our founder struggled to answer. That night, a solution was born. A company would follow.

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It Shouldn't Be Complicated

Consumers aren't equipped to navigate the complexities in pharmacy. Neither are most employers and health plans. We do the hard work for all of them.

This is what transparency looks like.

There's a Better Way

We believe everyone who pays for prescription drugs should know all the options available to treat any condition, and what each one costs. Everyone benefits.

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