We're All Here to Help 'Betty'

A group of Rx Savings Solutions employees in matching blue shirts looks up at a camera positioned above them in the company lobby
If you’ve followed the story of Rx Savings Solutions, you know it all started with Betty. She was Patient Zero, someone I knew with an all-too-common decision to make: pay for food or pay for medicine.

Betty needed eight prescriptions to manage a multitude of health conditions. She asked me which ones she could skip that month, because her limited budget could only stretch so far. Skipping even one prescription was not a good move for Betty, but neither was not eating or paying the gas bill. What could she do?

Long story short: I went home that night and figured out how she could get the same therapies for $3,000 less. That was the spark that ignited the solution and company we have today.

Betty has come to symbolize every member we help. Every time we gather for an all-company meeting, we spotlight a member’s story like hers. It helps us stay focused, and ensures we execute and are accountable to Betty and each other, every single day. Because every single team plays an important role:

Sales – Without our employer and health plan partners, we could not reach the 5 million members we currently do. Our Sales team continually adds to those numbers. That means more Bettys get help.

Marketing – The greatest tool in the world isn’t worth much unless people know about it. Marketing’s job is to grow awareness of and demand for what we do—from health plans and employers down to every Betty on their plan.

Engineering – The better the code, the better the data, the more Betty benefits. Our software engineers and architects never stop developing new ways to make the software perform better behind the scenes.

Product – This group never stops making it easier for Betty to interact with our solution and navigate the complex world of pharmacy. The goal? Deliver the simplest, most effective user experience possible.

Pharmacy Support – Anytime Betty has a question, needs assistance capturing a savings opportunity, or wants to change a prescription with one call or click, this team is standing by to help.

Pharmacy – Our licensed clinical pharmacists maintain and update our database of savings suggestions, now more than 26,000 strong. Each one of those suggestions has the potential to give Betty the same treatment for less money.

Data – Our team of data scientists and analysts mine a mind-boggling amount of data to uncover new opportunities for Betty, measure how well we’re reaching her, and how much money she’s saving.

Data Security – Betty’s identity and protected health information must be handled with care and kept under lock and key. This team ensures we do both at all times—no exceptions.

Legal/Compliance– Betty probably has no idea about the labyrinth of security and contractual obligations we must adhere to in order to provide our service and ensure she can access it. This team does.

Client Success – Finally, if Betty isn’t saving money and getting more value from her pharmacy benefit, our partners may not think we’re worth keeping. This group nurtures those important client relationships. When our clients are successful, all the Bettys out there win too, and we'll be able to serve more of them.

It’s not a cliché or a stretch to say this is a team effort. Our team is bigger and better than it’s ever been. And Betty still inspires everything we do.