We Compare Prices for Everything, Why Not Prescriptions?

Prescription drug bottles sit in a miniature shopping cartImagine you're booking a cross-country flight. Do you visit the site of your favorite airline and book the first flight you find that suits your schedule? Or do you shop around, comparing different airlines, different dates, and different prices?

If you're like most people, you'd do the latter. You wouldn't commit to a flight, a new car or even a carton of ice cream without making sure you're getting the best deal available. And yet, few people price shop when buying prescriptions. Why? Because they don't know that they can.

The world of prescription pricing is complex, and drug companies can be secretive about how they set their prices. What we do know for sure, though, is that prices are on the rise, and that's putting people at risk.

A survey done in 2015 demonstrates the struggle. Consumer Reports talked to people who had experienced price hikes on their prescriptions and found that many were forced to take unsafe actions because of the financial strain of high-cost drugs.

  • 24% had skipped filling a prescription because of the cost
  • 18% had skipped a dose of medication without a doctor's approval
  • 17% had taken expired medication

The survey clearly demonstrated that people are struggling to pay for prescriptions. But one of the survey's findings might be the most surprising of all: Only 17% of respondents said they had tried shopping around at different pharmacies to find better prices.

That's troubling because Consumer Reports also found that costs vary widely from pharmacy to pharmacy, even in the same city. They found that drug prices could be as much as 10 times higher in one pharmacy than in another. Translation: If you're not comparison shopping, you could end up paying $200 for a prescription that you could be getting for $20. It makes sense, really. Understanding the complexities of your insurance plan, visiting tons of pharmacies, spending hours poring over confusing research -- figuring out how to save money on prescriptions is daunting.

A Better Way

Pharmacists know better than anyone about how drug prices work. That's what sets Rx Savings Solutions apart: It was founded and continues to be operated by pharmacists. Thanks to their expertise, Rx Savings Solutions is able to simplify the process of buying the medications you need without spending more than you have to.

Here's how it works. When you're signed up with Rx Savings Solutions, your prescription claims are automatically uploaded to our system. The precise algorithm designed by our pharmacists and software engineers analyzes the claim to find available savings opportunities. We text or email you whenever we find an opportunity for you to save some money. And everyone on your health plan gets the same benefits, so we'll let you know when you can save money on prescriptions for a child or other dependents, too.

It's a system that's been proven to work. Our members are saving an average of $300 per year using the tool. And getting those savings doesn't require any heavy lifting on your part. Once you're part of the program, we take care of everything. All you have to do is read the notifications we send you.

We know the world of prescriptions and pharmacy is confusing and complicated. Let the experts at Rx Savings Solutions simplify the process for you – and save you money.