The View to a Better Shopping Experience

The View to a Better Shopping ExperienceThe great thing about building software is you can improve the product at any time. We make improvements to ours all the time. Some may go unnoticed—things just work better. Others jump right out at you, like our latest development on the Rx Savings Solutions member portal: Comparison View.

We exist to show consumers all possible medication options for whatever conditions they may have. With our previous interface, it could be difficult to compare the prices of those options without clicking back and forth between screens. Comparison View solves the problem.Here’s how it looks following a search for a commonly prescribed cholesterol drug:

Then a user clicks the “View Options” button for any of the three suggestion types, the section expands to display all available options and prices.

Another component to Comparison View is the added ability to toggle between Total Cost and Per Day Cost, which comes in handy when evaluating prices between 30- and 90-day fills.

Now it’s possible to compare prices for multiple suggestions—make that every suggestion—all on one screen. You might say the old view was designed for education; the enhanced view is designed for shopping.Why change a good thing? Because it can always get better.