The Power of Paying it Forward

Rx Savings Solutions always gives back, especially over the holiday season.

Holiday parties at Rx Savings Solutions have always been different. In fact, the last two looked more like factory assembly lines—the entire team shoulder to shoulder, loading up gift packages full of things too many people in our community go without.

(Scene from our 2019 company holiday party)

You know what’s coming next: 2020 changed everything.

Everything except for what really matters. We still found a way to put people in need ahead of ourselves and have fun doing it.

About 100 employees across 18 teams took part in a virtual trivia challenge. Technology was its own challenge, but like everything else in 2020, we made it work. At stake were $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 for the top three teams.

However, the real winners were the charities each team selected to receive the money:

Random Acts of ‘Losers’

Anyone whose team didn’t finish in the top three received an extra $100 in their Dec. 24 paycheck. One condition: Use it to make someone’s day, or help an organization make things better for others.

Several individual employees pooled their $100 bonuses and donated to their team’s charity. Others chose to leave $100 tips, pay a stranger’s grocery tab, buy dinner for an EMT squad, help a family pay a child’s hospital bill... One employee even waited until January to find a stranger facing an expensive prescription thanks to a fresh deductible.

This is how we holiday party at Rx Savings Solutions. Giving is truly better than receiving, and you wake up feeling a lot better the next morning.

Click below to see the impact of paying it forward.

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