Rx Savings Spotlight: Sarah Meinershagen, Human Resources Director

Sarah Meinershagen, Director of Human Resources for Rx Savings Solutions

Employee No. 43 applied to Rx Savings Solutions after reading these words in the job posting:

Requirement: the ability to have fun. The world is already filled with stuffy HR people. Dare to be different.”

Sarah Meinershagen felt that described her to a T. After some quick research, she fell in love with the company’s mission. Sarah wasn’t all-in just yet, though. At her final interview, she had an acid test question for the CEO: How would you describe your organizational communication style?

“Transparent,” founder & CEO Michael Rea told her. “We are in the transparency business and practice what we preach.”


Since starting the job on the last day of July 2017, through the last day of 2020, Sarah helped bring no fewer than 200 employees into the Rx Savings family. Yes, family—a company cultural trait she's helped to foster organically. Talking with Sarah is like talking with a favorite sister, aunt or cousin. She’s fun, funny, open-minded and empathetic, always eager to listen and solve people’s problems or celebrate their successes.

March being National Women’s History Month, it seemed like the perfect time to celebrate a woman whose contributions are so integral to the history of Rx Savings Solutions.

How many new hires have you overseen, year by year?

In 2017 it was 23, 42 in 2018, 70 in 2019 and 66 in 2020. We conducted more than 500 phone interviews in 2020 alone.

What do you listen for in those initial screenings?

Communication skills, the ability to thrive in ambiguity, entrepreneurial spirt and a passion for making a difference with their job and/or our mission.

What’s the best part about your job?

Finding the right person for the role and seeing that person succeed and make their mark in the organization.

What’s the hardest part?

The pace. I think it’s challenging for everyone since we have grown and matured so much, so quickly. We’ve all had to get better at prioritizing and delegating and automating whenever possible.

Since you are no longer a one-person HR team, you’ve been able to delegate some of the recruiting load, right?

Absolutely. Thanks to my amazing team, I’m no longer consumed by recruiting! I can focus on planning our HR strategies and implementing programs. I also ensure we’re compliant with federal, state and local employment laws. Employee relations and performance management are other focus areas.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

My husband and I were set up on a blind date over a game of Trivial Pursuit with mutual friends. We had an instant connection, even though he said my hair was orange, that he hated cheesecake, and forgot his wallet—all on our first date. The rest is history.

What do you do for fun?

I love to crochet. I started a tradition in my first year here with our first expecting mom. I crochet a baby gift for their company baby shower. I’ve been busy with six new company babies already in 2021. I also love spending time with my best girlfriends. We’ve been friends for years, and they help keep me sane and somewhat balanced.

What are you most passionate about?

Raising my three daughters (12, 11 and 10) to be strong, independent, outspoken, fulfilled, and happy women, but also compassionate and open-minded.

Helping others could be part of that answer, too. Sarah helps orchestrate our #RxSSGivesBack charitable and volunteer efforts each quarter, but also gives back to her community of Lawrence, Kan. The local hospital where her three girls were born invited her to take part in this:

As her own family no doubt believes, the Rx Savings family thinks Sarah is Superwoman. Because, as everyone knows, you can’t spell “superhero” without “HR.”



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