Rx Savings Spotlight: Bobby Carter, Director – Partnerships & Market Strategy

Bobby Carter, Director of Partnerships and Market Strategy

Musicians and music nerds typically agree that the bass is the most critical instrument in the band. It’s the foundation for a song’s rhythm and harmony.

For 4+ years, Bobby Carter has played a critical role in the Sales band at Rx Savings Solutions. One of our most tenured members, he’s signed some of our biggest clients and has brought our solution to more than 1.4 million members (and counting).

No coincidence, Bobby plays bass guitar. And he was recently promoted to a new role. As Director of Partnerships & Market Strategy, he’s responsible for developing harmonious relationships with strategic partners in order to up the tempo and opportunities for adding more members.

“Currently, there are many benefits and healthcare consumerism platforms that have a broad reach with consumers,” he says. “By partnering with these technology solutions, we can help deliver a more member-centric pharmacy experience at scale and help even more people.”

For “Big Bobber” (he stands at 6’8”) it’s anything but a solo act, yet his opportunity for impact has never been greater. Here’s more about Bobby and why he’s stoked about the new gig:

Why were you asked to fill this new role?

I’ve had the chance to help build our story and success from early on, starting with the employer market and growing into large health plans. That’s given me good perspective on identifying new market opportunities and how to position our solution.

Now you’re selling to potential partners rather than employers or health plans. How is that a different sale?

In many ways this new role is a continuation of what I’ve been doing since the early days. At its core, it’s still all about having a passion for our mission. We want to help as many people as possible gain access to affordable medication, and to do that at scale—in this case, through various technology partners.

What drew you to a career in sales?

I’ve always been a very solution-oriented, process-driven person and enjoy collaborating to solve problems. In its simplest form, sales is nothing more than problem solving. You have a client/prospect with a problem, and it’s your job to present a solution that can help them.

What’s the best part about selling Rx Savings Solutions?

I was drawn to RxSS by the passion our founding team had for solving a very big problem simply by focusing on helping people. It’s been humbling and very rewarding to know that we’re all fighting for those who have to choose between paying for groceries or medication. I think it’s easy to get behind our mission and root for what we’re doing, and that’s evident with the strong partnerships we have with our clients.

What are you passionate about, outside of work?

My boys (ages 4 and 2) don’t leave me much time for hobbies, but I’m a naturally curious person and love to learn. Right now, that’s taken the form of podcasts about new business ideas or new perspectives on random subjects. I’m also a music nerd and play in an oldies/classic rock cover band (“The SKUs”). I love live music, but that’s been hard to come by lately, so I find myself going down Spotify rabbit holes to discover new artists.

With Bobby directing the rhythm and harmony behind our new partnership efforts, we’re confident record sales are on the way.