No Politics. Just Progress!

Real quick, name one issue on which virtually every American agrees. Can there be such a thing in today’s political climate? Yes! We all know prescription drugs cost too much.

Indeed, a large majority of Americans believe lowering drug costs should be a top priority for Congress, more than any other healthcare issue.

The president made it a campaign promise in 2016. Since then both sides of Congress have amplified the rhetoric, staged multiple hearings, and proposed all sorts of measures in addition to those offered by the White House.

And yet…

Americans who depend on medication still bear a growing, sometimes crippling financial burden. Pharmacy costs continue to stress employers and health plans. Drugmakers keep raising prices with impunity and utter disregard for public outrage or political pressure—real or otherwise.

In other words, nothing has changed. Maybe it’s time to change where we’re looking for change.

With all eyes on Washington—and while everyone waits, most likely in vain—for some kind of solution, we thought we should call attention to what is working to lower drug costs.

If we’ve learned anything by working with health plans and employers over the past 7 years, it’s that no one cares more about the cost of prescription drugs than the people who take them. Present people with the information they need to make informed choices, and they’ll make them. It works, even in the broken system we currently have.

We think proven progress is something everyone can get behind, no matter their political persuasion. Since neither party has delivered much in the way of progress, we thought we’d create our own: Unite for Affordable Medicine.

To be clear, Unite for Affordable Medicine is not a real political party or action committee. It is solely created and wholly unfunded by Rx Savings Solutions. In fact, the whole point is to remove politics from the discussion and unite more people and payers behind a solution that actually works.

We’ll officially launch the campaign at HLTH, billed as “The Most Important Conference for Health Innovation,” Oct. 27-30. We believe the issue of high drug prices will be front and center throughout the 2020 election season. We’ll keep an eye on things and continue to point out what’s already working—without Washington.

If progress over politics sounds good to you, please “Join the Party”!