​Delivering When it Matters Most

There’s no telling when the Coronavirus and its impact on public health, the economy and everyday life will run its course.

However long this lasts, two things we know for sure: Members who rely on medication to live their lives will still need their prescriptions, and many will need Rx Savings Solutions more than ever.

What can we do to help? We ask ourselves this question every day. Lately, it’s been more like “What can we do RIGHT NOW?”

The quickest, most obvious answer is to steer members toward lower-cost options for their medications and away from unnecessary exposure to the virus. Nothing checks off both of those boxes better than mail-order prescriptions.

Sending the Message

Surprisingly few prescriptions that are eligible for 90-day supplies through mail-order actually get filled that way, despite the built-in savings and convenience.

People apparently like to visit the pharmacy every month. Or maybe only those with the means to do so can pay more up front in order to save money in the long run. Often, it’s a simple lack of awareness.

Whatever the case, we’re sending special Savings Notifications to every member who has a mail-order fulfillment option that could save them money. But that’s not the only reason.

Staying at Home, and On Schedule

Aside from the “sick waiting room” at your primary care provider’s office, your local pharmacy might have more germs in the air than anywhere. For anyone with a compromised immune system, it makes sense to avoid pharmacies if possible, especially those with in-store clinics.

Home-delivered prescriptions remove that risk factor. They also ensure sufficient supplies of important medication are on hand for longer periods, or at least can give a person more cushion if refilling becomes a logistical problem.

Mail-order makes sense. For financial reasons, and for peace of mind in this challenging time. Notifying our members and reminding them of those reasons right now is the least we can do. But it’s not the last.