From the Front Lines: We’re Here, and We’re Helping

To the entire Rx Savings Solutions community,

Please know that during these unprecedented and difficult times, Rx Savings Solutions remains at full strength and continues to serve our members and clients without disruption.

In fact, we are even stronger and better equipped to serve you because of this crisis. Each passing day gives our company a deeper understanding of the struggles that members and clients are facing.

We will continue adding people, technology and new ideas in response to the heightened need for what we do. A few examples:

  • Savings Notifications are being sent to all members with a savings opportunity, often well ahead of schedule.
    Every dollar saved by a member is an extra dollar available for other critical needs.
  • Special, targeted Home-Delivery Notifications are going out to all members with medications that are eligible for mail-order.
    Home delivery allows members to stay adherent with medications, secure sufficient supplies, avoid unnecessary exposure—AND save money in the process.

  • Additional targeted Notifications are urging members (with or without savings opportunities) to not to skip any refills.
    Staying adherent to prescribed medications is critical to avoiding infection and minimizing severity of symptoms.

  • We mobilized the Pharmacy Support team to work from home with full phone and secure, compliant IT infrastructure.
    Our certified pharmacy technicians have not missed a beat, despite the surge in call volume and members needing assistance.

  • Our Therapeutics and Pharmacy Support teams are standing by to help clients and/or their PBM manage any formulary changes or related moves as potential COVID-19 treatments emerge.
    If and when clinically effective therapies are made available, we will update the Member Portal accordingly and can assist with member outreach as needed.

I am encouraged and gratified to see more members looking to us for help, as evidenced by triple the number of members visiting our portal.

We embrace that we are in a unique position to help—clinically, financially and for the public health. This is an opportunity, and also our responsibility.

No one is immune to the stress of these times. We created this company to help people with one critical need. Many members need us today more than ever—and we will deliver.

On behalf of the entire Rx Savings Solutions team, I wish all of you good health and peace of mind in these challenging days we’re living through together. I assure you we are working harder than ever to help!

Michael Rea, PharmD.
Founder & CEO
Rx Savings Solutions