A Privacy Policy With Nothing to Hide

A screen showing someone has elected to accept terms and conditions and agreed to a privacy policyDoes it seem like every website you’ve visited or app you’ve opened in the past few months hits you with an updated privacy policy, something you have to “Agree” to before proceeding?

No, you haven’t been imagining this. Entities of all kinds had to revise their data privacy practices and policies in order to comply with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the May 28 deadline. If you’ve been to your favorite sites or used an app since then, you likely got the notices.

Did you read them? Of course you did!

At Rx Savings Solutions, we didn’t have to update ours for GDPR—the data we collect and process stays in the good ol’ USA—but we did it anyway. We did so to address new technologies and features available to our members on the member portal, and also to add some language requested by different clients.

You can read our updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use word for word, and the Notice of Privacy Practices is available on the member portal. If you’d prefer a Cliff’s Notes version of the updates, we can save you the time and legalese interpretation:

  • We do not sell or share members’ information for commercial purposes with any third-party marketing services.
  • By using Rx Savings Solutions, members consent to our collection/use/disclosure of their personal information, but only for the purposes of providing our service.
  • We may use and disclose health information with service providers for data analytics purposes, but it is always “de-identified,” i.e. not attached to any member’s identity and contains no protected health information.
  • We may automatically gather and keep track of information about a member’s visit to the member portal as well as their activity. Unlike many websites, we track this only for activity within our own site, never other web browsing.
  • While Rx Savings Solutions is fully HIPAA-compliant, voice assistant devices are not. Therefore, even though a user can delete data held by a voice assistant device, there is still a risk that health information could be inadvertently disclosed to an unauthorized party if a voice assistant device is used to access our service.

No one ever reads every privacy policy, do they? But everyone wonders what the heck they’re agreeing to when they check the box or click “Agree.”

Rest assured, when you use our service, your personal and health information is secure and never for sale. Rx Savings Solutions is in the transparency business, and we should never have anything to hide.

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