A Benefit That Employees Can Truly Love

A woman works on her laptop and there's a sticker on the top of her laptop that says "I love my benefits"

Most employees, if they have it, are thankful for employer-sponsored health insurance. Dental insurance is helpful. Vision coverage is a nice extra. Group life insurance and access to supplemental life is valuable, but only when someone dies.

Aside from a hefty 401(k)—and a healthy employer match—does anyone really love any of their employee benefits?

We have plenty of anecdotal evidence that Rx Savings Solutions members do. We see it through volumes of member survey feedback like this:

Curt: “I thought ridiculous drug prices just happened to other people. Then mine jumped to over $1,400. Rx Savings Solutions found me an alternative for $13, and it works just as well. It’s one of the best benefits I’ve ever had.”

Sophia: “Rx Savings Solutions took service to a whole new level by calling my doctor and the pharmacy and facilitating the change in medication to save me money.”

Norma: “I am unmarried and work full-time, so I have to take care of myself. The savings from Rx Savings Solutions really helps out. I no longer dread having prescriptions refilled.”

Now for some hard, data-validated evidence: Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) consistently tops +60. Everything we do, every product feature, is designed to help your members. And you get the credit.

Let’s face it, employees expect certain benefits. They probably appreciate them. By this time next year, your employees could have one they truly love. Your company will feel the love in your reduced pharmacy spend, too.