14 Reasons to Love Rx Savings Solutions

We love our members, and we love when they take the time to send us notes of gratitude. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we share 14 of the more heartwarming member survey comments.

(Names withheld to protect privacy.)

“It does work, and it helps you save a whole bunch of money.”

“This is a wonderful benefit. I will start using this on a regular basis."

“I don’t have to wait for one of my paydays to get my prescriptions filled."

“The best thing is more money in my bank account!"

“I can get a discount on a prescription that isn’t covered by my health insurance. My prescription went from $98 to $13 per month. Huge savings.”

“This is my first time utilizing this service and I must say that this was a very positive experience.”

“The best part is the ease and friendliness of the staff. They were so helpful and made things so easy during a completely stressful time.”

“The representative I talked to found a way to get my husband’s medicine for free.”

“Gabby (Member Services representative) helped me so much when I was lost… She was confident and sincere in helping me.”

“I spoke with Lacey and Carter (Member Services representatives) and they both made me feel like they had my best interest. Lacey not only went to bat for me, but also kept me in the loop about what she had done and where to go from there. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!”

“I was prescribed a medication by my doctor which would have cost me $200 per month. There’s no generic for this medication. I now pay no more than $50 on that medication. This will probably save me $1,800 per year. A huge savings.”

“The most important thing is I can now buy my son the medication for his eyes that allows us to go outside, make memories, and play like a normal family.”

“Rx Savings Solutions is wonderful. I have doctor bills that I’m having trouble paying, so to save on the medicine is a BIG relief.”

“Thank you for providing quality customer service and this Rx Savings program. How refreshing it is to know people are still looking out for you and have your best interests at heart. Great job!!!!”

Did someone say best interests at heart? You bet they did. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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