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Every day, prescription benefits fail people. People who are sick or in pain. People who are confused by the system. People who can’t afford to pay. They are prescribed medications that they don’t understand. They aren’t aware there are therapeutic alternatives. And they don’t realize there are pricing options.

Rx Savings Solutions assists these people by providing clinically-based, proactive prescription advice that delivers the best health and benefits experience at the lowest cost.

Discover Why It's Important

What We Do

Eliminate Complexity

We understand that prescription benefits are confusing. Our pharmacy technicians provide clinically-based, proactive prescription advice personalized for each member. It’s like having a pharmacist on call to answer your most difficult questions.

Provide Options

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, individuals are faced with the growing burden of owning more of their prescription costs. Our proven solution makes it easy to compare prescription costs and clearly see available choices, empowering consumers to make informed decisions and increase their engagement.

Save Money

We fully integrate with your pharmacy benefit and continuously monitor claims for savings opportunities, which are proactively communicated to members. Employers and members find immediate, measurable and continued savings on their prescription drug spend.

Wondering How Much Your Company Could Save?

Here’s How It Works

Automatic Claims Feed

Individual prescription claims are imported in real-time for fast, easy and timely analysis.

Intelligent Patented Software

Algorithms quickly analyze all possible clinical and financial therapies to maximize savings opportunities.

Easy and Automatic Notifications

Personalized alerts are sent to members via email or text message when we find a therapeutically-equivalent alternative – and better pricing.

From Our Clients

In the first ten months, over 40% of our employees have enrolled in the Rx Savings Solutions program. In the first year this saved them and our company more than $258,000 and the monthly savings continue to increase. This is truly outstanding and a win-win for everyone.

Scott Searl
Chief Administrative Officer
BH Media Group